“As long as we’ve been building websites, only one question from clients has truly remained constant through the years. That is, ‘how can I build a steady stream of business from my website?’ One site visitor who needs exactly what your business provides in that moment is worth more than any number of visitors who don’t.

Scott Sisson, SEO ConsultantMy name is Scott Sisson, and I’ve been building websites since 1996. I have built them, refreshed and upgraded them, maintained and optimized hundreds of sites at this point.

I worked as a web developer and a web team manager for over 8 years in the corporate offices of a residential mortgage company in Atlanta. For the past 12 years I’ve worked as a website consultant and remote digital resource to over 150 businesses all over the country.

My role with client website projects has gradually evolved from a web site ‘builder’ to a website optimizer and strategist. More and more clients have discovered that although they can buy cheap, good looking planes these days, those planes just won’t fly themselves very well without experienced pilots. I won’t go further with that analogy, but hopefully it will make sense soon if it doesn’t already.

The market is saturated with aesthetically pleasing “build your own professional website” type products. These DIY site building tool companies have convinced customers that the primary goal of a website project is the website. The website is just a cog in the wheel of a well executed customer lead generation strategy.

The reality is, saving money in the short term on a DIY site that doesn’t actually make money in the long term is what we call a net loss. A professional looking website cobbled together with a tool and no long term strategy will be invisible for its owner.

I don’t want to build a cheap, ineffective website for my clients these days.  Yes, I can throw them up pretty quickly in order to keep costs down for constrained budgets.  However, there are too many tools that can accomplish this for less than I can charge if you just need a quick and dirty web page at a rock bottom price. In fact, I recommend these tools until clients have the time and budget to dedicate to the development of a well crafted SEO and conversion strategy to put their website to work for them.

As they say, you often get what you pay for. It’s not necessarily a bad thing (and sometimes it may be your only choice at the time) as long as expectations are clear that the results that follow will be a direct result of the time and planning we put in (or don’t.)

I’d love to talk with you about your web project and hope I get the chance to be your next pilot!

Scott Sisson
[email protected]