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Need a brochure or a flier for your product or company? We do that too.

Brochure design is something that we generally estimate depending on the size and complexity of the piece in question.

For instance, let’s say you have identified a need for a new brochure.  We will begin that conversation with questions around which digital assets you might already have access to or on file to use.

Brochure Design Cost Estimates

Sometimes people don’t have any graphics at all in hand and would like us to help them find the appropriate images for the peace in addition to actually designing the layout.

This may seem natural on first thought, but consider that some clients do have a large library of graphics at their disposal and would simply like to arrange them in a pleasing way with colors and layout that suit the occasion.

A brochure project that requires our time for a tedious search for graphics is going to take longer for us to design than one in which we simply focus more on the layout. We don’t feel it’s fair to charge one high generic price for ‘brochure design’ given these two extreme circumstances.

So, count on plenty of questions before we can provide a time and cost estimate for you.