Creative Design ServicesAt one point or another, most small businesses are going to looking for some help with creative design services.  Desktop publishing can only take the average non-creative before it becomes apparent to him (and everyone else) that his business is starting to look somewhat amateurish.

That’s okay, most small business owners do wear many hats but there are just some aspects we can’t handle alone and should have a partner.  For me, that is accounting….wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole without some help.  For others, creative design services top the list.

So, what do we mean by creative design services anyway?  The term seems a bit broad, and it is honestly. Let’s start here….

Creative design services (digitally speaking, not talking drapes and carpet) include professional assistance with anything from website design to brochure creation, email marketing  to business card design.

Without a solid visual representation for our business both in print and on the web, both B2B as well as B2C businesses run the risk of looking unprofessional.  Potential customers have short attention spans and often scan businesses quickly looking for products and services.  A quick judgement based on appearance and it’s “on to the next one.”

How do I know?  I’m a potential customer, as you are, for many products and services throughout the year.  So, put the shoe on the other foot!  Be your own customer.  Look at your web site, your sales collateral, your logo…look at it all with the eye of your potential customers.

Does your site make you want to click further in or run away screaming?  Do your ‘corporate brochures’ give you the feeling that you are working with a stable, professional industry leader or a travelling salesman working from a suitcase (no offence to travelling salesmen who work out of suitcases)?

In other words, look at what your business projects from a quick visual perspective both online and off.  If you are unsure, you might want to explore creative design services with a professional!

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