Google Reading Level ToolOne of the great things about technology is that it continues to improve over time.

That means that the processes we use here at Sisson Media to build websites for clients have changed many times over, which is great for our clients!

See, to take advantage of search engine rankings, we need to stay on top of our sites today.

This means adding fresh content to keep our readers engaged over time, to give them a reason to come back to our sites as well as to bring new ones.

The WordPress technology has allowed us to interact with our own sites like we never have been able to before, at least not easily.

For our clients as well as for our own site, we now have the ability to publish anything that is relevant in our industry.

It means, we are all suddenly publishing news, events, tips, anything to help our industry clients.

So, here is another one for our audience!

Google has a new tool out to help us all as publishers. 

We’ve been using a similar tool within our WordPress sites for a while now, but this is pretty cool too.

It’s called the ‘Google Reading Tool’.

Let’s say you are getting fresh, new content out to your site each day, week or month.

That’s great for search engines, but it needs to be for humans too!

If you happen to write like an academic within your industry, you might just want to consider just who you are writing for before you post your content because your readers might not relate, it all depends!

Let’s take a quick sample.  Most people looking for a ‘mortgage’ in Google will get an array of sites to consider.

These sites will cover everything from big corporate solicitations and ads, to small blogs writing about local rates and programs.

So, here is how the tool works and what you should keep in mind as a publisher.

Using Google's Reader ToolMy sample search for ‘mortgage’ produced the basic results we are all familiar with.

However, as a user looking for YOUR site potentially, I can now filter what is returned to me simply by deciding how difficult the web pages returned are going to be to read.

As a searcher for ‘mortgage’, I just look under the ‘Search tools’ button, then under the ‘All results’ filter as shown to the right of this page.

In this sample I see Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.  It’s clear that most companies returned in this simple search are not writing highly technical stuff….only about 3%.

It’s also clear that there is enough mortgage ‘jargon’ by nature to keep reading levels in the ‘Intermediate’ range (about 79%).

About 18% of sites are considered Basic in this sample, and you can simply check out those writing styles to find out what Google thinks is ‘basic’ and then target the appropriate audience.

It’s another tool brought to you by Google, and something we will certainly consider when writing our content moving forward!