Search Engine Market Share in 2019

For all those business owners who are joining the social media revolution, I want you to consider something called search traffic.  More specifically, we’ll call it organic search traffic.

I know that social media is easy, and who doesn’t like to share cute photos from around the office?  It’s not a bad thing at all, but pumping photos on Instagram or FaceBook each week simply does not replace a well thought out digital marketing strategy.  That Instagram account should just be one of many ‘tactics’ that make up your portfolio of digital fish bait.

Search Market Share 2019Which would you prefer as it relates to those viewing your brand online; the person who just ‘liked’ your motivation Monday meme or the person who just clicked into your website from a search engine because they want to buy what your business sells right this instant?

Personally, I tell clients there are two types of marketing in a broad sense; push and pull.

PUSH marketing happens when we stick our message in front of someone who isn’t buying (social media anyone.)  At least, odds are VERY high they aren’t buying now or anytime soon.  In other words, we are ‘pushing’ our business to them (and often at the worst time.)

On the other hand, PULL marketing is my favorite.  This is when we PULL folks into our brand at the right time, when they are actively looking for what we can provide.  A potential customer goes to a search engine, types what they need, and out pops our website.  The next message we see is from a qualified lead.

So if we focus our efforts into one search property, which one is the dominant player?  You probably guessed it if you said Google in 2019 (still), just take a look at the interactive chart below.

Now, rethink that Instagram account and perhaps shift some of that energy toward a solid search engine marketing plan in 2019 and beyond!

Search Engine Market Share 2019