How LinkedIn Paid Ads Work

Advertising on LinkedInIn the world of online advertising, social media sites have become somewhat of a delicate topic for business owners.

After years of PPC ads on search engines (Google primarily), many business owners are kicking around the idea of dropping online marketing dollars into a different water hole.

In some industries, competitors with larger marketing budgets to promote their websites and gain the higher rankings for competitive terms have simply pushed the smaller company websites off the front page or further.

A Google Alternative For Small Business Exposure?

For every business owner who tries and seems to find some success with ‘non-Google’ online promotional strategies, others complain that social advertising is just “another waste of money” so who is right?

Well, this really depends on your business, how well you monitor and measure your ads results, whether you continually tweak for success.

Most businesses don’t take the time to truly measure their results regularly, so it can be tough to say whether the grumbling is based on evidence or impatience most of the time.

Of all of social media platforms today, LinkedIn is truly THE player where businesses play.  It’s the one social platform that records all of a business owners key information.  So, if your business markets services to other business, wouldn’t some LinkedIn ad love be worth a try?

There are an estimated 100 million members plus in the United States alone, and within that sphere of reach LinkedIn can help you target in very significant ways compared to other channels.

LinkedIn’s Powerful Ad Targeting

Ad Targeting With LinkedInConsider that you could place an ad for potential customers based on job title, employer role, professional interest, even skills! 

Also, consider that the people who create those juicy profiles are much more interested in keep this target rich information up to date than say, FaceBook or some other personal social media site.  You have a recipe brewing for very real and profitable reach for your business!

For instance, let’s say that you are a business consultant for small business owners.

Imagine placing your ad RIGHT in front of hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of other business owners?  Would you prefer to place your ad in front of larger organizations with full time assistants instead?

Done….consider the potential for a moment and you’ll see that this very specific targeting ability alone might just put you in front of more perfect candidates than you can imagine.

How Do You Create A LinkedIn Ad?

  1. To create your first campaign, you’ll need a LinkedIn account of course.  This is assuming you don’t already have one, but as a business owner who works with many other business owners I can tell you from first hand experience that this might not be a problem for you.
  2. You need to understand your audience, this is the fun part.  What types of professionals do your products or services fit exactly?  If you help small businesses grow by teaching them how to franchise, wouldn’t it make sense to place your ad in front of small business owners who happen to be clicking around on the site?  For instance, you could target by name, by category (industry, company size), by title, job function, seniority, school name, skill name, group name, gender, age, or any combination of these!  Imagine selling specific software to decision makers interested in a certain group who have the seniority to make purchase decisions.
  3. Another basic thing you’ll need is an advertisement. That is, you’ll need the copy that describes your product or service accurately.  Just like Google and other PPC engines, LinkedIn allows you to create and run several ads that can rotate.  This way you can ‘test’ which ads seem to get the most attention.  Make an offer they can’t refuse, then, make another in a slightly different way!  Let your potential targeted customers tell you which copy works the best.

Minimum Requirements For LinkedIn Advertising

There are some things to check before you start building your first LinkedIn Ad campaign.  As exciting as all this precise targeting sounds, you’ll need to be prepared to meet daily budgets.

Spend 10 on LinkedInThis is a little different from Google and other PPC type campaigns.  With those, you could set a dollar a day if you like, but with LinkedIn, you need to shell out at least $10/day, or around $300 per month or more assuming you run the ads every day of the month.  You could drop $70 in a week….the budget for some PPC campaigns in a month!

When all is said and done, LinkedIn advertising is another powerful way for you to get YOUR website and/or phone number in front of the very people you want to be in front of.

Just like other online forms of advertising and/or promotion, you’ll need to give it a fair shake to see if it works for you!