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The long term goal of any website we build for clients is for the purposes of generating leads and new business.  So much has changed over the years with not only how a website is built, but how it is used to drive revenue for the owners of these sites.

Today, we build sites that are geared to work as content promotion tools inside of broad digital marketing plans.  This means that sites must be responsive to fit a wide array of screens and devices, fast to load, secure, and most importantly…expandable over time (both in terms of content marketing AND functionality long term.)  Building sites with this goals in mind requires something called a content management system or CMS for short.

Our CMS of choice is called WordPress, and a quarter of the web agrees according to worldwide installation statistics.  WordPress is simply a tool that helps us all effectively turn our websites into digital marketing machines if we put the right search engine optimization and search marketing plan in place.

Marketing Your Small Business Website

Building a WordPress website means that once we are finished, our clients have more control should they need it.

In fact, clients could make simple updates on a mobile phone if they like, just as we do with our own WordPress sites (yes, we are running a WordPress site ourselves).

Speaking of mobile phone, the WordPress advantage includes not just updates, but display.  With the popular responsive design trend among professional theme selections today, your site layout will actually adjust based on the device accessing the site.

This means that a mobile smart phone will see a mobile version using a small, easy to see drop down menu for instance (see graphic above).

In short, if your business is using a WordPress website, it allows you to do two things that you probably can’t do easily if you have a traditional HTML website.

  • Easily grow and update the site yourself with just a web browser or smart phone app

  • Grow your rankings with the industry’s best blogging platform via content marketing

  • Add cool new functionality to your site more easily using third party plug-ins

  • Be mobile friendly, tablet friendly, desktop friendly, with responsive design layouts

Our Own Website Runs On WordPress

If there is one thing we are sure of, it’s that both search engines and people like sites that provide useful information. I don’t care if you are a doctor, plumber or loan officer.

That means your website has to serve two consumers (humans and search engines), and with WordPress, you can do both easily!

The problem with most small business websites is that aside from being old and out of date, the content itself is stale.  I’ve written about our own challenges on THIS website with keeping content up to date.

So, to address the issue, we recently moved OUR OWN site into WordPress.  Now I can update this website, the very page you are reading, using my iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop, or my father’s computer down in his office in Marietta in a matter of minutes!

Unlike the website that we’ve had in place for several years, this one doesn’t require that I use special software or that I be at my ‘development’ computer.  That means that I can grow THIS site exponentially over time, easily and quickly.

What does this mean for your business?  Well, it means that if you are serious about your online marketing, if you actually want more and more people to find your site on Google, you should consider WordPress for your next website refresh!