A Quick History in SEO Algorithms

A Quick History in SEO Algorithms Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has always been something that every website owner is kind of "in" by default the second they launch a website. Whether they know it or not, search engines relentlessly scan the web looking for the pages we post to our sites. These "spiders" as [...]

Google Search Market Share 2019

Search Engine Market Share in 2019 For all those business owners who are joining the social media revolution, I want you to consider something called search traffic.  More specifically, we'll call it organic search traffic. I know that social media is easy, and who doesn't like to share cute photos from around the [...]

Web Design Standards in 2020

Web Design Standards in 2020 I generally tell website clients from the start that even though I've worked with hundreds of web design projects over the years, I'm not a trained 'designer' formally. Many times, that's okay because we all know what we like on a web page even if we don't know [...]

Should I Target Local SEO Phrases?

Targeting Local vs. Regional vs. National SEO Phrases One of the questions that many people have when researching target phrases in their SEO (search engine optimization) efforts is the following. Should I target local, city based phrases or go after something more generic to start? First off, I love using location based modifiers because for [...]