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Print design (otherwise known as Corporate Identity) involves the design of brochures, business cards, logos, fliers and other ‘non-web’ properties to promote your business.  Clients often start working with Sisson Media for something specific, say, a new website or site refresh only to learn that we can help with their print design and search marketing strategy as well!

In fact, newer companies often begin with no visual identity at all when they come to us looking for a website.  We work with them to develop logos, brochures and business cards to to flow with their online design efforts as well.

Don’t Risk Your Business Image

There are all types of internet based design services out there, and you may find something that you like say, for a logo.  However, be careful with choosing something that ‘looks cool’ just because you personally like design.

You need to dig a little bit, or work with a professional…don’t risk your business image with a logo on the cheap, especially when starting a new business with no identity in the marketplace just yet.

Consider the importance of color in branding for instance.  Ever wonder why Coke is red (red activates the pituitary)?  UPS is brown (conveys durability, stability, and oh, hides dirt well which is great for some trucking companies!)?  IBM is blue (cool blue is considered dependable and trustworthy)?

For one thing, color stimulates senses and plays a huge role in memory recall.  Your color should appear on all your promotional materials, your logo, your packaging…it should set you apart.

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