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Search Engine Advertising is simply that, advertising on search engines.

In short, search engines rank websites daily for keywords, but they also allow site owners to leap frog those natural rankings by advertising on certain areas of the page displaying those rankings.

A website owner can write a small ad, choose what keywords will trigger those ads, commit a daily budget to a search engine like Google in exchange for ‘visibility’.

Using PPC To Maximize

When a visitor finds your advertisement interesting enough to click on, the search engine will charge you for that click (otherwise known as PPC or Pay-Per-Click).

Advertising on a search engine is unlike (but often is coupled with in an overall search marketing campaign) Search Engine Optimization, which involves regular strategies to gain favor with search engines to like your site enough to ‘rank’ it naturally over time.

An advertising campaign on a search engine can put you on the first page within hours of writing an ad, which makes it wonderful AND useful in two ways (shown right).

  • Visitors can find you for keywords that you otherwise don’t rank for naturally. Some keywords are so highly competitive that to get a newer, small site actually requires advertising for extra visibility.

  • It allows a site owner to test various keyword effectiveness BEFORE they commit lots of time to ranking naturally for them!