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SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’. When you ‘optimize’ the pages on your website, you make them easier for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines to find when people search for the products and/or services your company provides. Who wouldn’t want to be on the first page of Google?  Whether your business is located right here in Canton GA or near the beach in Los Angeles, we can help you reach your search visibility goals!

The trick to a solid SEO strategy, is finding the right mix of keyword phrases to rank for.

If they are too competitive, you will simply not have the time or resources to make the first page for a desired keyword.  However, if they aren’t competitive enough, then no one is searching for them to find your site!

The sweet spot is somewhere between these metrics, and that’s what we help you determine and implement for your website.  I could throw all of my time and effort into trying to rank highly for a search phrase like ‘web design atlanta’ for instance.

Yes, the searches are plenty….about 720 per month according to Google’s data.  However, even if I did rank highly, would these searches easily convert for my tiny company up in Canton, Georgia?  I’m betting most of the companies in Atlanta might be looking for larger agency solutions.

I’d rather focus on local searches north of Atlanta, like Marietta (110 searches per month), Canton (30 searches per month.)  Yes, these are lower in search volume but 1) easier to rank for as well as 2) more likely to convert if someone DOES actually stumble across my site off a search like ‘web design canton ga’ or ‘web design marietta ga’ (both of which I rank #1 for organically as of this post.)

Web Design Marietta GA

Plan, Patience, and Persistence

Executing a successful, long term SEO campaign can be somewhat akin to watching paint dry.  In fact, rankings on Google are often referred to as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ rankings which both sound earthly, long term and stable.  Unlike sponsored search efforts, organic rankings are not generally achieved quickly.

Search Engine Optimization takes time!Why?  Well, as site owners, we are trying to EARN our rankings over time.  That is, we need to prove to Google that our site is worthy of ranking in the top 10, 20 or 30 spots out of thousands and many times millions of other websites for a search phrase.  Our sites need to provide value, and be recognized by other sites in the process.

We earn better natural rankings by convincing Google that our site is of greater value than our competitors.  In a nutshell, Google ranks our site based on what WE say our site is about (optimizing valuable content for keyword phrases) and what the rest of the web says our site is about (the popularity of our site based on other sites linking to our content).  The more of both, the better our chances to rank highly (given the right set of keywords!) and for long periods of time.

So, how can we work with you to build better rankings?

When we work with clients who need assistance with SEO, we work monthly to identify, create, optimize and promote content that will attract increased organic rankings from Google over time.

Search Engine Optimization ResultsThere really is no magic to the process.  Growing your website via organic/natural rankings takes planning, patience and persistence but it is a predictable process if given time to succeed.

Most business owners have loads of knowledge within their target industry but simply have no time to learn about, much less execute a regular content marketing plan.  However, if done properly, your content can bring you new leads for years to come because your website will be in the middle of all the right searches on a regular basis.

Clients who engage us for help with SEO do not sign a contract, there is no minimum number of monthly billing cycles.  As I always say, 3-6 months is an ideal time frame to improve Google rankings, but something is always better than nothing.  So, if I get one month to work with a client, that’s a start to help them along in the right direction.

We work on a $285, 3 hour minimum retainer each month for our SEO clients.  While engaged, we work as part of your team to learn your business model, your services, your products, your competitors and of course, customer search patterns within your industry and location.  This helps us develop a lengthy and detailed list of phrases to use for planning your content each month.

Monthly Search Cycle Activities

  1. Keyword research (building a the right list, a mix between minimum searches a limited competition)
  2. Optimize existing content/pages (you already have a site, let’s get that optimized first!)
  3. Generate new content (this may include blog posts, video, info graphics, etc)
  4. Promote new content (search engines, social media, email marketing, etc)
  5. Measure results and adjust accordingly (review rankings, web analytics, paid campaign results, etc)

Give us a call (770.298.7916) or contact us today to put together a solid search engine optimization strategy.  We work with clients all over the country from local areas like Canton, Alpharetta and Marietta to Beverly Hills (the entire Los Angeles area actually) and even Aruba (Marriott).  Thanks to the internet and the tools we have at our disposal these days, our service area has grown to include just about any city in the country!