SEO Services For Business

Before SEO (search engine optimization) became a household name, any company with a good looking website held a competitive advantage. Having the best looking website among your competitors (if they even had a website) sent a signal that you had paid big bucks to a web design company. You had a website because your business was thriving, and it was pure eye candy in every way (often little more.)

Today, there is no competitive advantage in ‘just having a website’ for any business. Any business owner can “create a professional” but ineffective website thanks to the many online DIY site building tools in the marketplace. You’ve seen the ads, they are everywhere. These tools have made websites little more than cheap, ineffective commodities when it comes to driving revenue. These tools cost only your time to copy, paste and publish (plus a monthly hosting fee.) They have truly blurred the lines between owning a website that is ‘pretty’ and a website that ‘works pretty well’ in driving leads.

Trusted SEO service partners are in demand because clients know that SEO done well, produces results.  Those results include increased search engine visibility, more traffic, more leads, more revenue.

Like many other industries, the SEO industry is full misinformation and bad actors.  They confuse site owners with unsolicited emails full of unobtainable promises like “guaranteed” rankings.

A sound strategy and well executed SEO plan does take time, but it works best when the process instills trust.  At the highest level, SEO focuses on three general areas we call the SEO Trifecta.

The SEO Trifecta

The SEO Trifecta is a simple triangle visual that I created to help clients understand the three high level areas of focus.  Any effective SEO plan involves and ongoing strategy to address, monitor and regularly improve these areas over time.

  1. Most people relate to traditional SEO as the optimization of a page (On-Page) or pages on the site to rank better with search engines.
  2. However, building and maintaining link profiles not actually on the page (Off-Page) can be even more important for competitive keywords.
  3. The last piece of the trifecta has become a much bigger focus than in the past, and that is the (Technical) piece.  Google continues to stress the importance of websites that are fast and secure.
SEO Trifecta