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These days, information about your business pops up all over the web.  Directories include your company without your knowledge and may even include incorrect phone numbers or other pertinent information.  People might mention something about your company on certain platforms like Yelp.  They can come and go, change policies, etc.

However, there is one online experience that trumps all others for your customers.  This is the only asset that you have 100% control, your company website.

We call your company website “Google insurance” for good reason.   Your business website is the only digital asset that gives you FULL control your company’s online experience.

When used properly, your site can be THE best sales tools for your company….your go-to for new business. We offer small business web design services that can help.

Your site should tell potential customers about your company, and how you do business. It should be the hardest working sales person in your company…introducing your company, answering questions and providing demonstrations at all hours of the day.

Websites are technical in nature. For most business owners, this means that once a new website is complete and live, they tend to put off any new site content updates like they would put off scheduling a root canal.

Fair enough, it’s tough to stay on top of ALL the content updates that most websites warrant for a growing business, but technical challenges shouldn’t be the reason a site falls out of date.

Having a knowledgeable small business web design services partner who can speak ‘web’ is where our maintenance services come in to play. When you need to get YOUR site updated, even if we didn’t build it, we can likely help you accomplish the task.

If we actually build your site for you, we can certainly help put tools in place that allows you to handle simple updates so you never have an excuse….or, just shoot us an email. We work with many clients each an every month to keep sites up to date and relevant.

One of the best ways to make your site as easily available for ongoing updates by us OR by you, is to upgrade or build your new site using the WordPress framework. If you are not familiar with WordPress, it’s the framework we use for most every new site we build these days and it’s one of the most popular small business web design services we offer today.

We’ve actually had more than one potential client remark that we were the first small business web design services company to call them back after a contact form submission. In some cases, we were told that other providers didn’t bother to call them back at all!

We respect your time as a business owner and we work WITH you to make your project successful. We don’t see any other way to work in a project. We believe in a fair price for work that will inspire our clients to come back again and again. We’ve done multiple websites for many clients through the years, and ultimately, that repeat business is the ultimate success for our team.

Our clients must trust our judgement, and we must trust our process – our work is done in-house, not outsourced to people we’ve never met face-to-face! This means that we know every detail, at every minute of a project, for every client. It also means that we actually care what your site looks like, how it functions, and whether or not you are happy with it at completion.

Absolutely. This is the most common question we are asked during an initial phone call. However, with today’s technology, we are able to work easily and successfully with clients all over the United States, and we do, every month. For most, our small business web design services can be utilized next door or across the country!

First thing’s first, we will discuss your goals for your site – do you want to sell a million widgets online or just have a great looking, professional presence? Do you want a clean, corporate, fun or funky site? What functionality do you need or require?

Questions like these (and a whole bunch more…) will help direct us in designing not only the “look and feel” of the site but the back-end mechanics as well. You will receive a firm build out price prior to the start of any construction. Once we understand your needs, we can determine whether our small business web design services are right for you!

It’s been proven that a new site visitor could leave a poorly designed, unprofessional website within seconds of arriving….much too soon to even learn what they have to gain by learning about that business.

Unfair? Absolutely, but perception is a fact of life.

Would you send a top salesperson to represent your company for a weekend seminar with unkempt hair, shirt stains and bad breath? Consider what your current website, your hardest working salesman, is telling your potential customers.