Web Design Services, Marietta Georgia

If you’re searching for “web design marietta ga” or some similar term, I’m going to make some assumptions about you and your business.

Web Design Marietta GA

One of my favorite areas growing up, the Marietta Square!!

First, you may have a small to medium sized business (service based is very common.)

You may even have a older website that needs a new look, mobile friendly layout and/or search engine optimization applied for better local rankings.

Maybe you have a brand new business?  You know that your professional business website is going to be the central command center for all your online and offline marketing activities.

Whatever the case, the point is, you are looking for some help because you are busy and either don’t have the time, knowledge or either.  You have a million things to do to run your business without trying to design your own website (at least the low level details of pulling it all together).

If that’s the case, we are here to help!  My name is Scott Sisson, and our company, Sisson Media Corporation, is a web services provider (we build/maintain websites and are based in Canton, GA) serving Canton, Woodstock, Alpharetta, Roswell and Marietta among many other local areas in North Georgia.

My Introduction to Web Design Started in Marietta, Georgia

We have worked with businesses in and around Marietta since 1996.  Though our current office is technically in Canton, our first home and first web design business was in Marietta and I’ve lived in Georgia since I was five years old.

Marietta High School Football

I kicked field goals for Marietta High School for 4 years

I went to Marietta High School, played football there, then moved on to become the place kicker for the 1990 Georgia Tech National Championship football team.

It’s been a long journey in the website industry for me, but I’ve always been attracted to the creative process.  It started with drawing…loved to draw growing up and my ability to do so gave me more ‘A’ grades on projects than I care to admit.  In fact, sometimes my teachers would allow me to draw pieces of projects just to showcase my passion for the craft.

Since I never really cared to build physical things though (aside from a tree house or two), the web design industry opened up a whole new world in the mid 1990’s for me when I was living in that first house in Marietta right off the Marietta Square.

Though we’ve built websites for clients all over the country over the years, Canton Ga is our home base and our Marietta clients are only a half hour away.

Marietta GA Web Design Clients

Some of our first and existing web design clients are businesses based in Marietta, GA.  Though we don’t technically ‘design’ websites these days, we do build them every day.  Only the tools and processes have changed since those original client meetings before 2000.

Marietta Client Gabriels Desserts

Johnnie Gabriel is a longtime friend and client!

Today, we build most every new site using a framework called WordPress.  If you haven’t heard of WordPress, perhaps you should give me a call and let me explain (770.298.7916) why we have been using it for our web site projects for over 3 years now.  Or, you can take a look at why we use WordPress for our own site (the site you are viewing right now).

In a nutshell, WordPress allows us to focus on the process of communicating rather than designing.  The web design portion itself has become something of a non-event.  I mean, we don’t actually sit down with a blank canvas these days and design layouts pixel by pixel the way we did years ago.

Today, our expertise has become mastering an effective medium for your business to be found in search, and then market and communicate easily.  Will the site look good?  Will it look professional?  Absolutely, we select from professionally designed theme sets for an approved look and feel ahead of time, then build using those files…a true time saver!

We also continue to host the sites and email for some of our original web design clients today even if we no longer manage their websites for one reason or another.  You can say we cover more than JUST building web sites.

So, if a web design provider who can meet you face to face in Marietta, Ga is a top priority (and you are looking for a long term, local web services partner), give me a call at 770.298.7916 OR send a quick online message.  Better yet, request a face to face meeting in the Marietta, Ga area and I’ll see you there!