Web Project Questions

If you have requested pricing for SEO or website development services, we’ll be sending along a FREE PDF estimate for you as soon as we enough information to estimate the project time!

In the meantime, here are some common questions that will help us understand the type of project we’ll recommend and price range for you.  If you prefer to talk through these on the phone, that’s absolutely fine.  However, if you’d rather walk through these questions at your own pace ahead of time we’ve prepared some common project talking points for you to review below.


1) Your First Name

2) Your Email


1) Do you already have a domain name and or a hosting account for your site?
If this project is a site refresh or rebuild of an existing site, you'll obviously already have a domain name registrar account with hosting of some sort. We do offer domain name registration (starting at $9.99/yr) and hosting services (multiple cPanel websites for one $15.95/mo account fee or one cPanel hosted account for $11.95/mo) for our clients. In fact, if your business is brand new, we can help research and determine a domain name for you if you don't already have one. With the growing complexity of database driven, content management system based websites today that have become standard, it makes sense to understand and be familiar with the hosting environment for everything from backup options, so security settings, to web server memory and other configuration settings.

Any other comments about your domain name and/or hosting account?

2) Is this site primarily informational, explaining products/services you offer or will you be collecting credit cards?
If so, you may want people to call you, complete a contact form or possibly download information in exchange for an email address (in order to build an email marketing list for future promotions, etc.)

Any other comments about your the type of site you are looking for?

3) How many pages (roughly) do you envision the initial site to be?
A common 6 page site might contain a home page, plus an ABOUT US page, OUR SERVICES page, TESTIMONIALS page, FAQ page, CONTACT page, etc.

Any other comments about the number of pages at this point?

4) Is there any information that you would consider sensitive on the website?
This could be an area of the site that you only want certain people to see either through an individual login or one group login that you distribute. OR, as is common with many sites today (including this one if you noticed the https:// and security lock in the URL), you may just want to secure your entire site as Google now recommends for more favorable rankings possibly. Google now believes in a "secure web" and is encouraging site owners to publish their sites as all HTTPS versus the traditional HTTP.

Any other comments about any sensitive areas on the site?


1) Do you have a company logo or would you like us to design a logo for you?
The more you guidance you can provide up front (a napkin drawing, concept and/or colors you prefer) the more efficient we can be with concepts. Logo design projects that start from scratch with little to no direction can take much longer. If we need to allocate time to research your industry, competitors, create multi-color thumbnail samples, etc, the logo design project phase could be more involved.

Any other comments about the logo design process?

2) Are there any websites you like (competitor sites or otherwise) due to the layout or color scheme that you could share at this time?
This always helps us to determine your style and tastes for corporate identity purposes. Clients very often have an idea of what they like based on a site or two they have seen online (competitor or not.)

Any other comments about competitor sites? Feel free to list any that are relevant below:

3) Do you have photos and graphics already prepared for the site, or will you need us to suggest sources and/or take high resolution photos for your site?
Sometimes, clients have graphics they wish to use. However, it’s very common for us to seek imagery via paid stock or images labeled for reuse.

Any other comments about images for the site?


1) Will you promote the site through word of mouth and/or advertising, or do you hope to attract leads from searches on Google and/or other search engines? How important is it for people to find your website through Google searches?
We do offer monthly services to help identify, optimize and rank for keywords related to searches people use to find your services and/or products. However, some clients are content with promoting their sites via word of mouth and through print advertising, sales calls, etc.

Any other comments about driving traffic to the site?

2) If search visibility is important to your site, what search phrases would you imagine people using to find you?
If you are a dentist in Marietta, GA, a logical search phrase might be something like ‘dentist marietta ga’ or ‘root canal services marietta ga’ etc.

Any other comments about driving traffic to the site?

3) Will you create or use existing social media accounts to send traffic to your site in any way (FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)?
Site owners tend to link to their sites in social media profiles of course, but active site owners will link to new content on their websites regularly to drive new traffic and create leads.

Any other comments about using social media?


1) Once the initial site is built, do you plan on updating it regularly with new information?
You could do this each week, month or just when a major event happens like staff, location, contact information or service/product change updates.

Any other comments about site updates after going live?

2) Would you want to make those changes yourself, or would you prefer we make them for you when updates are needed?
We are always available for regular maintenance and though most of our clients simply email changes to us, some prefer to update parts of their sites themselves. You’ll be able to do either.

Any other comments about site updates after going live?


1) What is your target date for the new site to be live?
An average 10-20 page business website can take from 2-5 weeks to build, review and revise as needed. Larger groups of decision makers can affect development time, as can delays in content obviously, but this is the general range we see. Website projects are very collaborative, so we'll consider project demands versus desired timeline!

Any other comments about timeline or budget?

2) When would you plan on having all content to us to build your site?
The process of writing the text for pages, taking or collecting photos, etc, can often take a week or two (or more) in itself. Some clients already have this information organized and ready to go so that makes a big difference with hitting your target date to go live.

Any other comments about the content timeline?"

3) What is your target budget for the website project?
I've always worked with clients across many budget ranges, but this helps guide me in presenting the most appropriate solution for your project based on the amount of time I'll have to work. A 30 hour project will obviously produce a much more robust solution than an 8 hour project for instance. As a very general guide for website owners with smaller budgets around $1k or less, a one page long scroll format website project typically runs from $750 to $1,250. The most common business marketing website projects we build out for clients are in the $1,500-$3,500 range and contain 10-30 pages with SEO on-page optimization on average. Large e-commerce website projects with hundreds of product variations and graphics work tend to run in the $5,000-$10,000 range.

Any other comments about the budget?"


Are there any other questions or comments we haven't covered at this time?
Though most website projects (regardless of industry) are similar in many ways, we certainly can't cover everything in a one page form built for general guidelines, just let us know what is on your mind!