Website Marketing Tools

What Tools Help Run Your Web Marketing?

There is a short list of ‘supporting’ tools that generally circle a business website.  Some are required, some are optional.

For instance, your website is going to need to register a domain name (at least one) for your primary URL and for email.  You’ll also need a web server (called web hosting) so that your site has a place to ‘live’ and be accessible 24/7 on the web.

Whether your business needs can indeed be confusing for non technical business owners, which is where we come in.

Generally speaking, a new client comes to us with some of these items in place but ‘scattered’ with different companies all over the internet.  We can help bring them all together in one account (Sisson Media Tools) with reliable, organized, automated billing so that your tools are always online and current.

Of course, we do offer solutions for most all of these common items, and we’ll manage them for you so you don’t have to worry about any of them!

Organizing Your Online Tools

Domain name registration is the starting point for any website….have to have a domain name!  Some companies register a domain name and forget where they registered.  Then, years pass and it’s time to renew but they no longer remember where to renew before the domain name expires and brings their site down.  Ouch…we can help.

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Again, this one is a requirement. Your website has to ‘live’ on a server, and most small companies don’t run their own web server because it’s expensive (not to mention overkill for most sites).

The solution is to rent space from a company who does and this is called ‘hosting’ your website. We are value added resellers for this service as well and can manage the process for you. Most of our clients ‘share’ space on a server since the average business site doesn’t require the resources (and expense) of running a dedicated server (one site on an entire server).

Email is another service that is included with your standard shared hosting account. Ask us about the unlimited upgrade option though…it’s an all-you-can eat type of email service because storage is unlimited! Keep all the email you want on your account and check it from Outlook, your phone, or from the web. Delete from one device and your inbox will be synced across all the others….it’s what we use for our email at Sisson Media!

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Aside from hosting and domains, bulk email marketing remains a service worth having for small companies.

Similar to hosting, there is a small monthly or annual fee associated to make sure that you have the ability to send (and track) tons of HTML formatted emails to your customers and potential customers. The cost beats traditional print mail marketing hands down.

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